Our Values

Our vision is to increase the level of influence people and communities have over the decisions that affect their lives and that this influence is shaped by the values of participation, co-operation, social justice, equality and diversity.

The Black Country Take Part Pathfinder uses planning and evaluation tools which are underpinned by values of community development. The Pathfinder Delivery Group members work to these values, which are:

Learning recognising the skills, knowledge and expertise that people contribute and develop by taking action to tackle social, economic, political and environmental problems.

Equality challenging the attitudes of individuals, and the practices of institutions and society, which discriminate against and marginalise people.

Participation facilitating democratic involvement by people in the issues which affect their lives based on full citizenship, autonomy, and shared power, skills, knowledge and experience.

Co-operation working together to identify and implement action, based on mutual respect of diverse cultures and contributions.

Social Justice enabling people to claim their human rights, meet their needs and have greater control over the decision-making processes which affect their lives.